The New Benchmark for Verification of Identity in Australia

The New Benchmark for ID Verification in Australia

Conveyancers, Lawyers & Settlement Agents

Fully Compliant Safe Harbour Face-to-Face In Person VOI

Mortgage Lenders

Fully Compliant Safe Harbour Face-to-Face In Person VOI

Mortgage Brokers

Your client’s ID verification report delivered to your email for FREE

Online Gaming & Sports Betting Providers

Traditional Electronic Verification not meeting your needs?

Stockbrokers & Financial Planners

All your KYC & Identity Compliance needs taken care of

Life Insurance & Annuity Providers

Simple & compliant delivery of certified true copies of original ID documents

Secured Personal & Business Finance Providers

Simple & compliant delivery of certified true copies of original ID documents

Individuals - your 100 point ID check completed NOW!

Certified true copies of 100 Points of ID in minutes

Alternative/Unsecured Personal Finance Providers

No set up costs, no monthly charge – simple and compliant ID verification

E-digital/Cryptocurrency Exchanges

No set up costs, no monthly charge – simple and compliant ID verification

Motor Vehicle, Plant & Equipment Hire Providers

No set up costs, no monthly charge – simple and compliant ID verification

Not covered here already?

Whatever your ID verification needs we have them covered


... Making it Easy

Safe Harbour compliant, face-to-face ID Verification completed in minutes. Available 24/7, 365 days, Australia-wide


Have you been asked to get your ID verified? Buying or selling a property? Need a 100-point ID check or certified true copies of your identity documents?

  • check-icon Verify your ID using your phone or tablet from the convenience of your own home or workplace
  • check-icon Complete the process within minutes
  • check-icon Available 24/7, 365 days Australia-wide
  • check-icon No need to stand in a queue with paper forms
  • check-icon We don't outsource sensitive ID document inspection to someone you don't know


Full range of Customer ID services that are convenient for your clients. Available Australia-wide 24/7, 365 days with real-time results.

  • check-icon Get certified true copies of your clients ID without having to meet face-to-face or chase paper forms
  • check-icon 100% digital. No expensive system establishment and set up costs. No license fees, no minimum volumes.
  • check-icon You choose the purpose of the ID Verification and MaxID will make the rest as simple as possible
  • check-icon From simple account opening to property transactions & mortgages that require a face-to-face in-person verification of identity. All your needs are covered
  • check-icon ID Verification Report issued by an Australian Law Practice provides 'Safe Harbour' in all Australian States and Territories


Get Started


Choose the ID Verification service that you require. MaxID is the simplest, cheapest and fastest way to meet the “Safe Harbour” requirements of the AML CTF Act and the VOI Standards




MaxID will guide you through a simple process that will only take a few minutes using a mobile phone or tablet. No need to install an ‘App’ and the process can be completed anywhere in Australia with internet connectivity 24/7, 365 days




Our Australian Law Practice issues an ID Verification Certification to the person or organisation that needs it. Providing a secure, safe and convenient ID Verification to satisfy the highest Australian regulatory standards

Why useMaxID
MaxID Other Providers
ID Verification completed in minutes check X
Available 24/7, Australia-wide including regional areas check X
100% digital, no paper forms, no queues, no strangers/courier drivers check X
No 'App' to download check X
Same-day identity verification result check X
Facial Biometric Recognition Standard check X
Choice provided about who pays and when check X
Can be branded for your enterprise and technology ecosystem check X
'Safe Harbour' Identity Certification provided by an Australian Law Practice check X
CostPrice per transaction FROM $0.40PER ID VERIFICATION Up to $69PER ID VERIFICATION
Max Speed

ID verified in minutes – Fast, convenient and secure digital service

Max Security

Secure, encrypted systems Australian Law Practice, Privacy Law compliant

Max Speed

No queues, no paper Available Australia-wide 24/7, 365 days

Bank Financial

Are you a Bank, Financial Institution or Mortgage Broker?

An end-to-end digital VOI experience which meets Face-to-Face In-Person ‘Safe Harbour’ and AML/CTF requirements. A frictionless and convenient service for your customers anywhere in Australia, available 24/7.

We can build a fully customised process using your brand, not ours


Real Estate

Are you a Lawyer, Conveyancer or Business Owner?

Book a one-off job or become a business client and let MaxID fulfill your VOI requirements wherever your clients are in Australia. Delivering operational efficiencies, together with a great customer experience.

Explore how we can improve your customer’s experience


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